Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Next Day of Food Biz

I arrived to work on Christmas day, a little saddened to leave the family, knowing I would be missing out on presents being opened, and the family dinner. I arrived to an old ski lodge, stinking of fatty grease and burnt pizza. It was like day and night from my first day of work at the newer lodge I was trained in. I noticed there were already two girls on two registers and wondered why I was even there. Next thing I knew I was being yelled at to make mozzarella sticks and more chicken tenders. I quickly realized I needed to figure out where these items were, and next thing I knew I was the frialator girl. FUN! - not. The feeling of grease being splashed up on my face was disgusting and I knew this would make for a very long day. I was not trained or told what to do, but how can you really mess up dropping things into hot oil and then check it until they are done? Once I made the items I was told to, I started placing them into their disposable containers, and quickly told I was doing it all wrong because I did not place a little thin piece of paper in the bottom of the cardboard container. Phew, crisis averted on that, because if that little piece of paper was not in the bottom, who knows what would have happened!! (jking).
Next thing I knew there was a girl all of 15 telling me how to make a salad. I was actually impressed with the salad station, most due to the fact that there was salad station. I was slightly excited that among all the greasy and arguably non-healthy food there was a salad option. They used real romaine or spring mix lettuce, not iceberg as well as quality veggie toppings. The thing that surprised me the most was the price. For those of you who have been to a ski mountain recently will agree that food prices are literally unbelievable out of sight. At first I thought it might just be because I am a poor college student, but no. When ringing people up on the register nearly every one's eyes pop out of their head when they look at the price. For example, two chicken tenders laying on top of about fifteen french fries cost $8.50 plus tax. That is crazy. That is more than I make an hour working at the mountain. A salad, however, cost $5.95 plus tax. That is reasonable. I mean, I would guess that there is more than a pound between the lettuce, green peppers, red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, parm cheese, croutons and dressing. At Wegmans the salad bar is $6.95 a pound, if my memory serves me correctly. My point is though, how can people seriously spend nearly three dollars more on two chicken tenders and a few fries. Do not get me wrong, I love french fries as much as the next person, but seriously, come on! When I am up on the mountain boarding, I need something that satisfies but does not sit too heavy. I do not understand why people out being active all day long would fill themselves with fat and salt. The irony is they are doing something rather healthy for themselves by being active and outside, and then nourishing themselves with a lot of empty expensive calories. !


  1. Hahah I feel bad that the chicken tenders snack is more than you make in an hour. How lame-o! It is cool though that they made the healthier option of a salad cheaper than the crappy chicken tenders that aren't even probably cooked right by Theresa. (jking) However, people that want those chicken tenders will pay whatever is asked just to get them. People who do these sports are usually pretty wealthy and the resorts know they can get away with these high prices. I know to you and me eating this greasy meal seems ridiculous, especially since you and I couldn't do our sick boarding moves with that grease and fat in our bodies. It makes me happy that they even have that salad option. I'm sure all of those veggies for the salad are way more expensive for the resort to have than frozen chicken tenders and fries and that's why I'm confused on why the salad is so much cheaper.

    It is also ironic that people who are exercising by boarding or skiing are in a way canceling out their workout by eating some of these unhealthy meals. However, I am also guilty of this if I have a beer during snowboarding in the lodge, making me sort of a hypocrite by judging people on poor foods in their diet while I'm drinking poor beverages for my diet. Therefore, I cannot judge others by what they eat because I'm not perfect and nobody's perfect. It does make it easier to stay healthier at that ski lodge though because of the ironically cheaper salad option. It would be a good idea for these resorts to cater more to people who would like to eat something good so they don't feel sick on the slopes. Perhaps these lodges should rethink their menus!

  2. I enjoyed your posting T! The problem is I normally wouldn't eat a salad and would go for the grease. My philosophy is to eat it while you are young and have a great metabolism. Anyways, I agree with you that it doesn't make any sense to eat fattening foods if you are going to exercise all day (snowboarding). The problem for me is that I will still be hungry if I just eat a salad. The salad wouldn’t hold of me off the entire day. I think this is the same issue with many people. Think about Michael Phelps and all the calories he takes in per day. That guy is so fit and he still eats the unhealthiest diet! He burns all those calories off by working out and swimming all the time. I believe if you work out a lot and are happy with your body then you can eat whatever you like. Eating bad food and not working out is another story (that is real bad).