Monday, January 5, 2009

The Food Biz

Nearly 9 years ago I had my first job at a local ski mountain only 7 miles from my home, which was also the place I learned to ski and snowboard. Over Thanksgiving break I applied to the mountain for any form of employment, hoping to get a free lift pass and earn a little money. I was very lucky to receive a call back for an interview, and at the end of the interview told I would have a job once I got back from college for break! The position would be in the food and concessions, which is where I started with my first job. I was thankful because this would allow me to receive a lift pass, however it was one of the most undesirable positions on the mountain in my opinion, due to my experiences with food in the past.
First day of work I walked into a refurbished lodge, completely different from what I grew up with. Among all the other greasy deep fat fried foods, I was impressed with the rather nutritionally rich food selections offered. I was given the job of "register girl", which is an easy enough job, while giving me the opportunity to practice my math and counting skills! I was placed in the more populated lodge, which had a wide variety of food options. The lodge has two main levels, a bottom which is for picnic lunch's, and an upstairs which is where food was sold.
I actually enjoyed my first day of work, I found the people I was working with as well as the costumers I was interacting with rather enjoyable. With about an hour of the work day, I was informed of my schedule for the remaining week, and lowered my spirits as I was told I would need to work Christmas from 11-7. Next I was told I would be moved to the other lodge, and you might understand my confusion as to why I would be trained in a different lodge than I would be permanently working in. Christmas day yielded a whole new experience in the new lodge...

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