Saturday, January 10, 2009

another day... while getting to my point

So, today I experienced another fun filled day of robbing people blind for straight up un-nutritious food. However, I am happy to report I had a rather fun filled conversation with a pleasant woman who was very enthusiastic that we served hand tossed salads!
Today really made me think about my comments, due to the following:
a mother and her son were were about to check out and the son grabbed a snickers bar, the mother sighed and said, please would you not get that and get something nutritious? The son went back and grabbed a basket full of french fries and the mother literally said... well I guess that is okay. I was standing there, stunned, and I am pretty sure my chin officially hit the floor. Luckily I re-cooped before she saw my reaction. I honestly do not know which was worse, fatty fried complex carbs, or a bunch of simple carbs... although with a snickers you are at least getting the protein of a few peanuts. Either way I was just thinking wow. My parents were/are
1. Too cheap to pay for us to get such ridiculous food at ridiculous prices
2. Very good at packing "healthy" snacks which satisfied us children
All the while I was just thinking wow, which is the better evil? I do not mean to sound like a healthy only eater all the time, but my goodness, why can't people be happy with a simple peanut butter and jelly?
I totally hear and agree with what both Rachel and Mike are saying. I am guilty of enjoying a brew during boarding, as well as loving the fried fattiness of potatoes. I also am a fan of eating what you want while you still can theory, but there is a limit to it. I think because of our field of study we have a better understanding of basic nutrition, however, I do not think it is okay for the "average Joe, or Josephine" to be, for lack of better word, clueless. A parent should have the knowledge to either bring or figure out what would be nutritious for the child, (ie. fruit, water, veggies, grilled chicken and pasta) opposed to leaving it up to the child to find some sugar or fried food.
I hate to sound over cynical, but I really think people should have a firmer grasp on "nutritious" before they start throwing the word around like have have any idea about what in the world they are talking about. I remember when my siblings and I were children and my mom would meet one of her friends with her children at a local lake for the day. My mom would bring cut up raw veggies and fruit, and her friend would poke fun at her because she was like "what kind of kid will eat those", but all the kids would down the fruits and veggies like there was no tomorrow. Naturally we loved the potato chips and candy too, but the healthy stuff got eaten as well. I just think that people should give kids the choice more often, and lead by example that it is actually okay to do something good for your body. Especially in an environment where you are already benefiting yourself through exercise. Take the amazing feeling of exercise and add good nutrition and see where the day takes you!!

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